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Iot Platform Based On Integration Of patient Body Health Sensing And Tele Medicine System
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Iot Platform Based On Integration Of patient Body Health Sensing And Tele Medicine System

Category : Internet Of Things

Sub Category : Bio Medical

Project Code : ITIOT2

Project Abstract

The world’s population is growing old. So programmers, municipals and socialists pay more attention to secure these people’s needs. In addition to physical needs, aged people have many psychological and social needs such as dependence to the family or the nurse that cause stress and depression and decrease their confidence. So designing devices and equipments to increase their independency is important to them. Drug management system that is considered in this paper, make it possible to deliver drugs to the patient on time and without the presence of the nurse. Using this kind of system is safe and more effective than others.



Existing System

Proposed System

Ø  Now days there is no automatic system for distribute the drugs in that time.

Ø  25% of the  population do not adhere to their prescribed medication, which may lead to poor health outcomes and increased mortality


Ø There is no proper intimation system.

Ø  Poor medication adherence is a major problem

Ø  Limited hospital resources

Ø We have designed the system that can deliver drugs to the patient on time and without the presence of the nurse by setting time of each box of drugs.




Ø Simplicity, mobility and low price of it.

Ø This system has the ability of using by common people, especially children and aged people, and don’t need any special training.

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