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Waste chill recovery heat exchanger
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Waste chill recovery heat exchanger

Category : Thermal Engineering

Sub Category : Ice factory

Project Code : ITMT05

Project Abstract

Water chill recovery (WCR) from ice makers is not simple Concept. WCR equipment is commonly Implemented in industrial ice-making Systems, often in concert with water Purification systems. WCR heat exchangers have periodically been applied to commercial ice makers in the past, according to several industry representatives, with mixed results. Problems with scaling were reported and/or the benefits were not adequate to justify the initial cost. No scaling problems have been reported as yet by users of either the Fast Ice or Maximicer WCR heat exchangers, but water purity and ice maker design and operating settings affecting water purging (key factors affecting the propensity for scaling) have rarely been recorded, so it is difficult to predict safe or unsafe application conditions. Maximicer has incorporated plastic parts to insulate the WCR heat exchanger from any stray electric currents that enhance precipitate formation. However, no consensus has been reached on the preferred WCR heat exchanger design, as indicated by the differences in the Fast Ice and Maximicer units.

A waste chill recovery (WCR) heat exchanger could be applied to any ice Maker to improve its energy efficiency. The WCR device is basically a type of “Shell and tube” heat exchanger that pre-cools makeup water being charged to the ice maker with cold waste water being discharged from the ice maker.  Relatively warm makeup water flows through the tube while the near-freezing waste water flows around the tube within the shell of the heat exchanger. Heat is transferred from the makeup water to the discharge water, which lowers the temperature of the water charged to the ice maker’s reservoir. As a result, the amount of heat that must be removed from the water by the ice maker’s refrigeration system is reduced along with the electricity required to drive the refrigeration system. The effectiveness of the heat exchanger (i.e., its ability to transfer heat from the makeup water to the discharge water) depends on the amount of heat transfer surface area (tubing surface area) relative to the amount of heat being transferred and the layout of tubing and flow channels within the heat exchanger shell. Increasing heat transfer surface area enhances heat exchanger effectiveness, but increases its size, weight, and cost. A “counter flow” layout that minimizes the temperature difference between the two fluid streams at any point along the tubing (imagine a smaller pipe [the tubing] within a larger pipe [the shell], with the makeup water entering the smaller pipe at one end and the discharge water entering the larger pipe at the other end) is best for heat transfer, but can result in a cumbersome or complex and costly design.
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